CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE an all-time favorite. Our version with a warm gooey molten center w/ vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries • 6

GULAB JAMUN the quintessential Indian dessert. Soft melt-in-your-mouth fried dumplings of reduced milk w/ vanilla ice cream • 5

RASMALAI light and airy. Sweetened cottage cheese poached in a rich creamy saffron sauce • 4

NAAN “DONUT HOLES” an American Tandoor original. Our house-made naan fried, topped with cinnamon and sugar, w/ caramel and Nutella dipping sauces • 6

KULFI fabulous traditional rich and creamy Indian ice cream pop with exotic spices • 4

ICE CREAM Vanilla or Strawberry • 4

MASALA CHAI Traditional Indian Tea! The finest Indian tea leaves, green cardamom, cinnamon cloves, ginger, milk and sugar • 3

MEETHA PAAN After meal favorite! Hand-rolled betel leaves, candied rose petals, and dried coconut powder are the perfect mouth freshener and digestive • 3